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No beaches in atlanta | 12.8.23


Hailing from a family of creatives and musically inclined individuals, I’ve always been heavily immersed in the music world. From creating multiple singing groups in different grades at school, joining Fairfield Follies, Original Works, film camps to being involved in church choirs and college campus choirs, this lifestyle has always been a huge part of me.

On my birthday, August 9th in 2019, I released a record called D.Y.G.M.U. By August 25th, 2019, D.Y.G.M.U charted at #24 on iTunes in the Bahamas, marking my first charted record. I began writing with Heavy Weights under Sony Pub in late 2019. We have since combined the talents of some dope producers and labeled our group The Record Union.

The year of 2020, although a heavy year for most, was a year of growth and transition for me. I ended up moving from my hometown of Bridgeport, Connecticut, to Atlanta, GA. I also began producing during that same year.

In 2022, I released one of my first self produced records entitled “Nina Sky” featuring references to the legendary musical group Nina Sky. The record has countless plays on Hot 93.7 and Nina Sky has been incredibly supportive toward my career since the release.

Although I’ve always dropped singles along with a couple 3-song projects, I hadn’t dropped a full project since the start of my career. That’s about to change!

“I Don’t Trust You” is my very first full album and although it may sound risky, it was fully written, produced & mixed by me! I made all 15 beats on the album. I’m excited to share this project with the world: real life relationships, real life experiences & real life insecurities. If we are or were close, yes I wrote about you! The making of IDTY has been incredibly healing for me and I hope it can be for you as well. But anyway, I’m glad you’re here. Stick around, let’s have a good time.

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Three songs you should hear

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Prod. By beatzbyeli

This was actually the first record I did on a UK drill track. I fell in love with it immediately, came up with the hook and RAN to ask Eli for the beat! Although the song is named “Bobby”, it was heavily influenced by my brother E, a well-known rapper from New Haven, CT, that now goes by Ether.

From the perspective of someone that is heavily protected by an individual named “Bobby”.

Prod. By bundy foxx

Nina Sky is such a fun song and in the genre of DANCE! It’s the first of its kind for my discography and was written with the legendary group Nina Sky in mind. They, themselves, along with radio stations like Hot 93.7 have shown so much support since its release.

From the perspective of someone inviting a partner to dance and vibe with them.

Prod. By TKay

This record is the only one to have a music video so far. I originally wrote it to pitch with The Record Union (see bio), but I loved it so much, I needed it for my discography. I put this and “Bobby” on one project together and entitled it “Double Homicide”.

Describes someone who “kills” everything they do and has a friend group with similar qualities.

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